Hey Everyone,

This is founder and CEO of Misses Brie, Brielle Anyea.

I am deeply saddened, infuriated,and once again exhausted by the harsh reality of my community. 

Over the past few months, I have witnessed a disturbingly-increased-amount of unjustified and racially charged killings of my people by the hands of supremacists.

It is time to really take a full stand by putting our money where our mouth is. 

Even though I am a new business owner, a small business owner, and a Black Business owner who has odds stacked high in this field, I will still utilize every avenue to bring peace and equality to our people.

That's why for the next 5 days, May 30th- June 4th, I am donating 50% of Misses Brie's profits made to bail out peaceful protesters. As well as donate to organizations that are supplying PPE to protesters.

If you prefer to donate directly to a few organizations as well, I have attached a list of organizations working around the clock to help!

It is our natural born obligation as people, to help those who are suffering due to pure hate and greed.

I will not be silenced and I will do what I can to make sure our voices are HEARD.

A change will come for the better. Until then, let us continue to be in the voting booths, hear everyone's stories, and take economic control by supporting those who care about the advancement of the disadvantage.

Much love & plenty light,

Brielle xoxo



My Two Organizations of Choice:

-Black Lives Matter

-Minnesota Freedom Fund

(They are not directly connected to me at all. These are organizations that I want to help based on their good merits. )